Your Aussie Guide also has a commercial drivers license - Category 'D1', also known in Israel as an 'Eshkol' license. 


This legally allows me to drive you on our tours together, in vehicles that are registered as Eshkol vehicles and are clearly marked with the Ministry of Tourism logo on the sides.

(If you're driver does not possess a 'D' type license, then they are not legally driving you.  It also means that you are not insured if G-d forbid, you are involved in a collision!)

If you want to sit back, relax and enjoy your tour more, not worry about the roads or driving in a foreign country, especially Israel, then I've got you covered.

I'm a professional driver with almost 30 years experience of driving in many countries and I have a clean driving record - not even one point off!

If your group size is larger than 11 passengers, I can also organise larger vehicles from mini buses to full size buses.  I have partnered with another company that provides fully air conditioned, free WiFi, clean and comfortable vehicles with professional and experienced drivers.  I can help you organise and plan your trip to Israel, even if you're not looking at hiring me as a guide.  All transport services are offered at very competitive rates.

Another service I provide, free of charge, when you hire me to drive and guide is the use of car seats for you children.  I have a booster seat and a Britax car seat that can be used to ensure your most valuable cargo can travel legally and remain safe.

Contact me to schedule a phone appointment to discuss what your needs are and when you require transport.  I'll be very happy to make all the necessary arrangements so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your trip, travel safely, and have an amazing time as you travel all over the countryside, with your Aussie Guide!

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