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Travel Agent Services

Together Aussie Guide and HY Travel Boutique offer

two options for your convenience. 

HY Travel Boutique.  Elevate your travel experience.

Option 1

Continue to enjoy the high level of service you're used to and we'll provide you with the personal touch you've grown accustomed to from us.

Our booking agent will professionally handle all of your accommodation and/or vacation needs, whether you just want to book a room or include this service with an entire vacation / touring pacakge*.

Wherever you need to stay, in Israel or around the globe, our staff will ensure you get the best deal available, while continuing to serve you at the highest level.

Start the process now by taking a moment to fill out the Booking Enquiry form below.  Then one of our agents will contact you to discuss your next vacation and options in more detail.

Option 2

We appreciate that some people want to go it alone and organise their travel plans independentantly.   

That's ok too.

In that light, we offer you the chance to book your own accommodation and still get access to great rates - all over the world!

Click te image below to open the hotel booking page and get ready for awesome deals on your next vacation.

We know you'll be pleasantly surprised!

You can thank us later ;-)

Accommodation/Hotels by HY Travel Boutique

Please note - By clicking the link(s) in the gallery above you will be redirected to an external site(s).  Aussie Guide may receive payment/commission as an affiliate for any booking you make on these sites.  The links will open in a new window.  Once redirected, you will no longer be on Aussie Guide's website and Aussie Guide takes no responsibility for any problems or issues relating to technical problems, loss of any kind, including funds, reservations, cancellations or any other concerns, delays or damages that may occur by using these links or providing any personal information to the above links.

  • * Touring Packages are currently only available in Israel, Jordan or PA (Area A)^

  • * Vacation Packages include - Accommodation, Flights and Rental Cars only.  Presently, guided tours are not available outside of the above mentioned regions.​​

^ (Security situation permitted)

Don't hesitate to Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options in more detail.

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