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Jesse Rath

G'day!  I'm Jesse.

I’m your passionate Aussie/Israeli tour guide based in the beautiful Galilee in Northern Israel!


Before making Aliyah to my new home in Mitzpe Netofa with my wife and kids, I lived in Perth on the West Coast of Australia and before that in Melbourne, where I grew up.


For the past 20 years I have been involved in education, both formal and informal. I started as an outdoor education instructor leading groups on hikes, river trips and rock-climbing adventures and later worked as a high school teacher in Jewish History, studies of religion and in environmental education.

Aussie Guide- Jesse Rath

After making Aliyah I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the Land of Israel in the famous tour guides course and entered the profession here with a passion to learn and to teach.


As a tour guide in Israel, I combine many of the things that I love (nature, travel, history, teaching, and spending time with people).  In this incredible and inspiring job which is of course done in the great outdoors- Israel style.


Nothing beats meeting people from all over the world and taking them out to experience this sacred land with its array of cultures, its long and complicated history, and endless hidden treasures.


I love touring all over the country from Eilat to Mt Hermon and everything in between but I have to admit a special affinity for showing people around my own backyard, the Galilee and the Golan in Northern Israel, where I am out hiking, swimming, and exploring every free moment.


I look forward to taking you on an adventure of a lifetime to see and understand this country in a way you never have before!

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