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Ian Brown

G'day!  I'm Ian

I was born and raised in Perth, and after spending my university years in Melbourne, I moved to Israel in 1992.


I wasn't always a tour guide, having spent many years working principally in the field of thermal solar power (in which Israel is a leader).


Then a few years ago I thought it would be nice to get out of the office and do something I really enjoyed; touring around and explaining to people about this amazing, crazy, dramatic, infuriating, stunning, yet always exciting country. I love it, and I hope to have the privilege to show you all those facets as well.

Aussie Guide- Ian Brown

I tour all over the country, especially enjoying ancient historical and Christian sites.  I also specialise and enjoy guiding in coastal and desert areas as well.  I live in Jerusalem, so needless to say, I also guide a lot in the nation's capital.

I look forward to the opportunity to tour with you so you can also experience Israel, first-hand.

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