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Effi Yaacobi

G'day!  I'm Effi

Born in Israel and raised n Australia, I made Aliyah in 1973 and live in Moshavat Even Yehuda with my wife and our 2 children.


As an ex-pat from Australia and with 40+ years of living experience in Israel;

(16 years as a kibbutz member / military service in the IDF - including 10 years as an officer in the IDF Spokesman Office),

I am well placed to offer my overseas guests an insight into Israel, its history both ancient and modern, its peoples, religions, and the complexities of our internal society and the Middle East.

Aussie Guide - Effi Yaacobi

My expertise as a guide is all over Israel and particularly strong in Jerusalem- Old City and new (guiding in Yad Vashem as well), the Judean desert sites – Qumran, Ein-Gedi, Massada, Dead Sea, as well as the Galilee, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Travelling with me is not a monologue of dates. It is a journey back into time with lots of interesting and humorous stories, enthusing my guests with my passion for Israel.  You will literally see history unfold before your eyes as we walk in the footsteps of conquering armies and previous civilisations that impacted the world as we know it today.


You will see, hear, feel and taste this magical country.   Everything is done at the pace and level of interest of my guests and adapted to secure the interest of children and teens.  

Touring with your private Aussie Guide allows you the flexibility to explore and remain at sites as short or as long as you wish.

My other specialties include:

  • Urban culture - walking tours in Tel-Aviv focusing on street art, graffiti, Bauhaus and Eclectic architecture

  • Culinary experience - in Shuk Hacarmel, Levinsky & Machane Yehuda

  • King Herod and his legacy monuments - Caesarea, Herodian, Massada

  • In the footsteps of Major-General Orde Charles Wingate - the “Friend”


I work with any level of groups- - from private family missions to business delegations, Federations, UIA, bus groups, synagogues, pilgrim tours, etc.

I'm looking forward to touring with you as we travel all over the countryside together.

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